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Dr. Blosser the Blogger

The passionate patrologist Dr. Jamie Blosser — who professes Church history, ecclesiology, and New Testament at Benedictine College in Kansas — has blogged a most excellent (and brief) essay on “How the Church Fathers Can Help Us Engage the Culture for Christ.”

As much as anything in the essay I loved his bio at the bottom, which includes this line: “He and his wife Danielle have five boys: Augustine, Ambrose, Cyprian, Basil and Cyril.”

He is, as I said, a passionate patrologist.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Blosser the Blogger

  1. Hey, what about Irenaeus, Justin, Jerome, and all the rest? Not to mention Perpetua, Macrina, Katherine, and Agnes!

  2. That really is a fine set of sibling names. We have an Ambrose so far.. the rest of the list looks tempting.

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