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Can Anything Good Come to Cleveland?

Yes, absolutely. Go to Cleveland and experience the Lake Effect — from Gennesaret, that is. The Maltz Jewish Museum is hosting an exhibit titled “Cradle of Christianity: Treasures from the Holy Land.” Visit the museum’s website, and you’ll see samples of the artifacts on display. An online reviewer tells us that those artifacts include Caiaphas’s burial vault and an inscription of Pontius Pilate’s name. (Tip: In hushed museum galleries, hissing biblical villains is always in bad taste.) The exhibit originated at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum.

Cradle of Christianity . . . sheds light on Christianity’s earliest days: from its emergence against the background of Jewish society in the land of Israel during the 1st century CE, to its development alongside Jewish communities over the following six centuries. Ancient writings and archaeological finds from the Holy Land are woven together to recreate moving images of the past.

Moving indeed. I plan to go with my kids. Hope to see you there!

It’s too bad the Cleveland Museum of Art is closed for renovation. Its collection of Christian antiquities is exquisite. I don’t know when CMA plans to resume its normal business. But if it opens before the Maltz exhibit closes, you could plan a patristic-era festival for the eyes.

5 thoughts on “Can Anything Good Come to Cleveland?

  1. Thanks for the tip Mike, but I wish you told me earlier. We were just in Cleveland. Give me a call when you’re going and we’ll try to meet you there, it’s just down the road.

  2. Mea maxima culpa. But I’m not all that late. It only opened April Fool’s Day, same day as this blog.

  3. Mike:
    Thanks. Any idea if it’ll come to Canada?


  4. No idea where it’s going after Cleveland. Maybe the Israel Museum has a website?

  5. Michael:
    Thanks! I’ll check it out.


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