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Fly Me to New York

Today’s Wall Street Journal informs us of an exhibit of large-scale photos of Byzantium’s great churches and Cappadocia’s frescoed cave churches. Here’s info from the World Monuments Fund’s website:

Vaults of Heaven: Sanctuaries of Byzantium
April 26-July 28, 2006
Stunning large-scale photographs reinterpret the extraordinary achievements of Byzantium — and WMF’s efforts to conserve these fragile treasures. Hagia Sophia and other Turkish sites come alive in the work of photographer and architect Ahmet Ertuğ.

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  1. Ah, Nova Roma. I’m an amateur Byzantinist, and love most everything about the most underappreciated of the cultures of Europe, starting with the eastern empire’s art. When my friends and I visited Europe during my junior year of college, I insisted on going to Santa Maria Assunta in the village of Torcello (located in the lagoon of Venice). The Byzantine frescos are nothing short of awe-inspiring, as even my friends admitted.

    Were it not for the Byzantines, most of us would now be praying toward Mecca every Friday.

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