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Michael Barber of Singing in the Reign wants us to know something:

A brand new Catholic school is opening up on the West Coast. There is really nothing like this school. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Let me explain…

This week The Da Vinci Code movie is being released. Sadly, it will no doubt do damage to the faith of countless believers. The Telegraph is reporting that two thirds of Britons who have read the book now believe its claims regarding Jesus’ relationship to Mary Magdalene …

The movie’s release underscores the immense influence Hollywood has on our culture. In fact, it was only a couple of years ago that a movie moved countless numbers of people across the country to rediscover God’s grace. I will never forget the moving testimonials I saw on evening newscasts from by people who had just watched Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ …

These two movies represent Hollywood’s great potential to either foster the faith or undermine it. Yet, despite the great influence of the media, there has been little professional training offered from a faithful Catholic perspective to those young people interested in entering into the field—until now.

Enter John Paul the Great Catholic University. The new college—approved by the state and supported by the local bishop—will offer state of the art training and degrees in Media. Students will learn from those who have succeeded in the field. In addition, the school will offer degrees in Business, helping to train young Catholic professionals of tomorrow …

All students will be required to take a number of courses in Scripture, Moral Theology, and Catholic Literature and Art—taught by faculty faithful to the teaching of the Church’s Magisterium. In all of their Catholic formation, students will learn how to live out their faith in the world and apply Catholic principles in their future professions.

That’s a compelling vision. I don’t have to tell visitors to this blog about the papacy’s other two “Greats” — Leo and Gregory — and how those men turned the challenging circumstances of their day to the benefit of the Gospel. I think they, and John Paul, would approve of this “Great” effort.

Read the rest of Michael’s exhortation here. And visit John Paul the Great Catholic University online.

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  1. What I found particularly remarkable was how the 5th paragraph you quoted continues:

    In addition, the school will also offer degrees in Business, helping to train the young Catholic professionals of tomorrow. In fact, business majors will come together to establish and run a real-world business in their senior year—businesses they may decide to continue working with after graduation.

    As I stated below Mr. Barber’s post, this would appear to be almost a fullfilment of Pope Benedict’s

    I hope that this aspect in particular succeeds (especially given how prominent businessmen are in American life).

    Aren’t there any other Catholic institutions that have tried this?

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