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Happy Anniversary, Baby

Rogue Classicism, a site that observes the old (really, really old) Roman calendar, informs us that today is the anniversary of the imperial Decree of Toleration in 313 A.D. Free at last, free at last — we’re free to serve Him without fear, holy and righteous in His sight. Find a good way to celebrate!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Baby

  1. Enjoy it while it lasts, it seems the alarmists see a threat to our religious freedom coming. IRS examining tax-exempt status for churches that speak against popular heresies, the possibility of coersion for churches to wed sexual apostates, and states trying to force religious entities to compromise their values are all threats to our freedom to follow Christ in peace.
    Maybe it will be for the best, as Christendom has crumbled under the weight of worldly comfort. the persecution will better prepare us for the Kingdom.

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