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Adore Isidore?

Christians, of course, speak of “adoration” as the honor reserved only to God, while “veneration” describes the respects we pay to our parents and the saints.

But it proved too hard for me to resist the pun in the headline. Isidore, a logophile and etymologist by trade, might forgive me for it — if I were in his confessional and properly penitent.

So the answer to the headline is no. While a rose is a rose, we should praise Isidore in a more proper way, especially today as we unearth his greatest work.

A writer in the London Telegraph opposes the growing movement to make St. Isidore of Seville — the last of the Western Fathers — patron saint of the Internet. And, in the process, he reviews the new edition of Isidore’s work. Some time back, we linked to an earlier review of the same book in the same paper.

They do venerate the Fathers in London, don’t they?

Hat tip: Rogue Classicism.