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Gregorian Chat

Go directly to Fr. Z’s place, where you’ll see a feast-appropriate image of The Mass of St. Gregory. This painting plays an important role in The Grail Code, the book I co-authored with Christopher Bailey. It’s a book you really should read.

St. Gregory himself plays a pivotal role in the history recounted in The Grail Code. He’s the one who made the development of the Grail legends possible, advising his missionaries to assimilate — and elevate — all that was good in the religious heritage of the pagan barbarians. That, thanks be to God, included the Celtic folk tales.

If you’d rather buy a copy of The Grail Code in Portuguese, check out O Código Graal. If you prefer Canadian French, buy Graal Code: Enquête sur le mystère du Graal. German and other languages are coming soon.