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Homeschooling Witt and Wisdom

My friend Maureen Wittmann, homeschooling expert, is now the homeschooling impresario of Catholic Exchange. Recently she posted on The Martyrs of Ancient Rome, with some great tips for teaching ancient Christianity — useful for classroom teachers, too.

Bishops martyred under Trajan, St. Ignatius fighting heresy in the early Church, the persecutions in Lyons, St. Justin using arguments of philosophy to persuade the Emperor Aurelius to validate Christianity — these are all events worth further study in our homeschools. The Saints impact history in a way that is still felt today and we would be remiss not to share their stories with our children.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschooling Witt and Wisdom

  1. Cool article! Kids love martyrs. And Roman ones are the best. :)

    Btw, forgot to mention before my computer died that there’s a big Roman art exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute till Christmastime. The exhibit focuses on a Tunisian synagogue mosaic floor, but there’s tons of Christian stuff too, including some of those Coptic textiles that Asterius of Amasea complained about. :)

    This weekend’s Oktoberfest, though, so maybe not the best time to visit the art. :)

  2. Actually, it’s a combination of a Brooklyn art exhibit (the synagogue floor) with one assembled by the DAI, including all kinds of Roman goodies from the back storerooms and regional museums.

    There’s also a photo exhibit of folks from a Sandusky parish, and the big annual UD Nativity set/creche exhibit is going to be at the DAI this year. So it’s really value for money, if you want to see lots of Catholicky stuff. :) Besides the two Judiths whacking the two Holofernes in the permanent collection, that is. :)

  3. Witt and Wisdom — you are the king of titles!

    BTW — I’m only an expert in the Wittmann homeschool :-)

  4. Are you calling your publisher a liar?

  5. Does my publisher call me an expert? Oops! Guess I better head over to Sophia and straighten them out! :-)

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