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Online Dayton Service

In comments yesterday, Maureen alerted us to an exhibit that certainly justifies a trip to Dayton: “there’s a big Roman art exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute till Christmastime. The exhibit focuses on a Tunisian synagogue mosaic floor, but there’s tons of Christian stuff too, including some of those Coptic textiles that Asterius of Amasea complained about. Actually, it’s a combination of a Brooklyn art exhibit (the synagogue floor) with one assembled by the DAI, including all kinds of Roman goodies from the back storerooms and regional museums. There’s also a photo exhibit of folks from a Sandusky parish, and the big annual UD Nativity set/creche exhibit is going to be at the DAI this year. So it’s really value for money, if you want to see lots of Catholicky stuff. :) Besides the two Judiths whacking the two Holofernes in the permanent collection, that is.” Thanks, Maureen!