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My Other Brother Darrell

Darrell Pursiful (aka Dr. Platypus) has written a most thoughtful, long, and generous review of my book The Mass of the Early Christians. Since Darrell is so many things I’m not — a scholar (New Testament), a virtuous man, and a Baptist — I’m blown away. Non sum dignus.

I’m grateful for his criticism, too — which will help me to argue for a third edition in a couple of years!

3 thoughts on “My Other Brother Darrell

  1. Oh, no! Not a 3rd ed.! I just recently bought the 2nd after having previously purchased the 1st….


  2. Minime! Dignissimus es. Gratias tibi ago.

  3. Danny: I tell my kids that you’re the only reason they’ve eaten this week.

    Darrell: I tell my kids that you’re the only reason I know any extra-liturgical Latin.

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