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Angels Have Landed

My new book has arrived — Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts.

Inside, you’ll encounter many of the usual suspects — Dionysius the Areopagite, John Chrysostom, Gregory the Great, and Augustine. Plus Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and a countless host of others.


What they’re saying about it:

RUSSELL SHAW: “Angels of God is a learned, readable and ultimately inspiring account — based on Scripture, the teaching and worship of the Church, and the real-life experience of many individuals — of the role played by these heavenly friends of ours in God’s providential plan and in our lives. If you want to get to know your guardian angel, start here.”

MARCUS GRODI: “… by far one of the most thorough and helpful books I’ve ever read about angels. Michael’s book remains safely within the boundaries of Sacred Tradition and gives readers a clearer understanding of ourselves, in relation to God and his heavenly realm.”

FATHER T.G. MORROW: Everything you ever wanted to know about angels and never asked. Another big hit for Mike Aquilina.”

As the catalog says: forget the sweet-faced cherubs of popular culture, and brace yourself for a far more potent reality: powerful heavenly beings who play a significant role in the drama of your daily life. Our fellowship with the angels (says Aquilina) is “not an ornament on our religion; it’s a life skill.”

10 thoughts on “Angels Have Landed

  1. Just went on my list of books to get.

  2. Goodness mercy honest!! Hold 5 copies for me and I’ll buy them when I see you next!!!!!!!

  3. Never mind, Mike. Got em through Amazon. Yahooooo!!!!!!!

  4. Cool! Cool cover, too!

  5. And you, Maureen, are lavishly praised and thanked in the acknowledgments page.

  6. hi Mike,
    another great book to add to the “Aquilina library”. we’ll see you on the trip to the holy land in may. Its my wife’s 50th and our 25th anniversary.
    god bless, thanks again

  7. Looks like another good one! I did some presales for you last night at Holy Grounds (one of the young adult ministries here for which I provide music). We had a presentation on Gregory of Nyssa, and I recommended The Fathers of the Church for anyone interested in learning more about the Fathers.

  8. It looks wonderful!

  9. Thanks! There was room on my shelf of angel books. ;-)

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