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Ancient News

Once again, I’m behind in posting news. Here’s a summary from my email box:

* Wheaton College has established a “Center for the Study of Early Christianity, with a vertically integrated program from undergraduate courses up through master’s and doctoral studies.” Here’s the Center’s site.

* Pope Benedict XVI finally got around to talking up St. Germanus of Constantinople and St. John of Damascus. St. John is often called the last of the Fathers of the “early Church,” so I suppose that marks the end of his series, though word has it that he plans to forge ahead chronologically.

* A kind commenter tells us: “You can wallow in chant from all rites (even extinct ones) if you listen to Radio Walsingham online.  The guy who runs it can answer all your questions; frequently comments on the historical and liturgical context of the music. He has made a CD collection of some of the most obscure and beautiful chants from all eras and nations. ”

* The Roman catacombs — jealous, no doubt, of the catacomb discoveries in the Holy Land last week — have been in the news almost nonstop. The latest development is the video cataloging of the tunnels — “a three-year project to create the first fully comprehensive three-dimensional image using laser scanners.” This will make virtual tours delightfully possible. All the usual suspects have been covering this. Adrian Murdoch will take you directly to the BBC video. David Meadows, too, has been all over it.

* Amy Welborn gives us a snatch of video on St. Anthony of the Desert.

* At PaleoJudaica, we meet an American monk who travels the world gathering images of rare ancient manuscripts.

* Friend Binks points us to PBS coverage of Philip Jenkins on Christianity in ancient Asia.

More to come, surely, as I plow through a backlog of email!

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